A Note From Mark Clayton Southers

Friends of the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company,

As many of you know, two days after opening Fences, my wife and I were in a horrific auto accident.   While my wife walked away without any injuries, I suffered many.

These past four months, I have been in the hospital and in the rehab center.  I haven't been home since the accident.

Many wondered how this would affect our small theatre company.   Well, luckily we have a great multi-talented theatre family at the Pittsburgh Playwrights.

Everyone has pitched in and we haven't missed a beat.  Back in late April of this year, during rehearsals for Fences, my former Co-Artistic Director from seasons three and four, Corey Rieger, just happened to stop by the theatre while in town shooting a film, and our discussions of George Kaufman led to us scheduling his play Dulcy to open the season. The rejuvenation of the August Wilson Center lead to our co-presentation of August Wilson's The Piano Lesson with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust this November.

This spring we will produce Miss Julie, Clarissa, and John, a play inspired by August Strindberg's Miss Julie, written by myself and directed by my Artistic Associate Monteze Freeland.

We close our season this June with our well-known Theatre Festival in Black and White.  

We have a new Managing Director, Joy Southers, who has already changed the appearance of our lobby, which looks great. We also have a new Marketing Director, Angela Spears, who has incorporated some great ideas to make folks more aware of our company. 

I will be released from rehab in the coming weeks and will be there for the opening of Dulcy.

The Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company has a great season in store.  Please continue or consider joining us as we continue to grow.


Mark Clayton Southers
Founder and Artistic Director
The Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Co.